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Posted On 03/31/2014

It's Official, Cindy with Cindy's Throws will make 3 National TV Appearances to share the story of Cindy's Throws Exclusive throw "For Such a Time as This" The written word John 3:16-18 on the cross.

May 19th Greenvill SC - Nitelite / May 20th Atlanta Georgia - WATC TV / May 21st Augusta SC - Club36

Only God could put this together. It is Powerful and Un-believable. Cindy is so Excited beyond words: God You are So Faithful Cindy gets to talk about “The Love of Jesus” to millions of people. WoW. Some of you might remember hearing about a woman and man who walked a 75 pound wooden cross across America in the late 80’s and earlier 90’s. It took them 8 years. Those two people are Dorothy and Russell Spaulding of Watchmen Broadcasting. Dorothy is the owner of the 3 TV stations. Cindy sent the throw to Dorothy at Club 36 with the story and God opened all 3 doors. Cindy gives HIM ALL the Praise and the Glory.. The Love of Jesus Rocks her world.

Keywords: Product News,It’s Official. I’m going to be on 3 National Live TV Appearances,to share Cindy's Throws Exclusive throw “For Such a Time as This” found in the book of Ester 5:14,with the Written word John 3:16-18 on the cross.,... [+]

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