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Established 1991 - A Montana Based Company - 100% Cotton Throw Blankets - Machine Wash/Dry - Made in U.S.A.

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Give a Throw as Bereavement / Sympathy Gift

More and more people are giving a 100% cotton throw from Cindy's Throws as a bereavement / sympathy or get well gift, to a friend or family member that has just lost a loved one, or has an illness. A customer once wrote: "A family member bought me a blanket like this when my Dad passed, and when I use it, I feel like he is giving me a hug. I hope you feel the same". Flowers are beautiful, but they last a short while. We have many blankets to choose from with special scriptures, poems, words of encouragement and quotes, each throw can be personalized with ones name.

Posted On 01/27/2014

2013 was GOOD Year and 2014 is going to BETTER !

A Heart Felt Thank You to Cindy's Throws Customers and the Eight Incredible Weavers that weave an awesome product made of 100% cotton, in the USA. Cindy's Throws, a small family owned business, wouldn't be who she is today without the American Dream! Celebrating 23 years of business, Cindy has seen and learned a lot. I know the story of each weaver and their foundation beginning with the "American Dream".  Let's hold onto the American Dream that we have fought for and will continue to fight for. In God We Trust! May your 2014 be richly blessed. ~Cindy~

Posted On 01/03/2014

Building Cindy’s Throws One Customer at a Time!

Building Cindy’s Throws One Customer at a Time! How? By providing excellent service and the best quality of throws made in the USA. Acknowledging the customer and listening. Understanding their needs, and meeting them in a timely manner. Communicating clearly and answering all their questions. Here at Cindy’s Throws we care and value our customers they are Cindy’s Fans and we would like to make Cindy’s Throws your Fan!

Posted On 09/24/2013

A testiomy of when an order goes bad with a happy ending..

I received this testominy from a customer today and thought it was so special I wanted to put up on Cindy's Blog.. Even when things go wrong, we try our best to make them right ASAP..

I asked Cindy for an opportunity to write a testimonial because I am so grateful for her excellent customer service. I recently ordered two throws to be used as gifts. They were coming from different weavers and both arrived on time as promised. However, one of them was not what I ordered. I called immediately and Cindy checked her records to see that she had placed the order correctly. She had, so the error was an accident from the weaver. She contacted them and within 3 business days the correct order was delivered (at no cost to me) AND I was told that I could keep the throw that had been been a mistake. I was especially grateful for the timeliness of the correction since the item was intended as a gift. I suppose it may seem strange to offer a testimonial when there was a mistake involved, but I was so impressed and thankful for the kindness and efficiency with which the error was rectified. It's rare in today's world. I will definitely be ordering from Cindy again, because I can see that she cares about her customers! (And the throws are beautiful too!) Thank you again.  Blessings to you and your staff!

Posted On 05/22/2013

Personal Note From Cindy

"Les Miserables" Anyone who has not seen this movie (suggested for high school and older audiences) is worth watching. It is an outstanding film of Amazing Love, Grace, Forgiveness and Compassion, during a time of great trials. I give this movie a THUMBS UP..

Posted On 05/17/2013

Product News

Rising Costs.. 2013 Shipping charges increased with UPS and Postal. It's a BUMMER.. But understand.. Throws that are ordered without personalization are dropped shipped to the customer by the weaver/manufacture. Each weaver does what we call a drop ship fee of $5.00, and the price of cotton has gone up. Cindy and her family would like to say Thank You for your continued support. We are entering into 21 years of business, a business that was started on $1,000. At times we struggle to stay a float but God's Grace continues to flow. Each day we count our Blessings!

Posted On 04/30/2013

Personal Note From Cindy

OK I have to share this... I LOVE God's Sense of Humor.. He cracks me up and makes me laugh.. The JOY of the Lord is our Strength.. For all those who are reading this: Have a fabulous day everyone!

Posted On 04/29/2013

Personal Note From Cindy

I’ve been thinking for days of all the things that I’m thankful for, like my wonderful husband, incredible children, family, friends, health, church,, circumstances and stuff….. My list of countless blessings, as I continued to reflect on so many blessings with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks, I realized that I’m surrounded with LOVE. I thought where or how did this come to be? Why have I been showered with so much love and so many blessings over the years and they continue to flow? It hit me…. My tears of rain drops changed to tears of a flowing river. I’m blessed because of JESUS.. It all began when I gave my life to JESUS. I’m so thankful for what He did on the cross. My prayer for those who read this is that they receive the endless Love of Jesus that He so freely gives. Enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving and share the blessing of Love.

Posted On 11/21/2012

Product News

A customer sent me an email with this jpg attached. I thought it was such a cool idea I wanted to share it with you. Hopefully it will bless you as it has blessed us at Cindy's Throws. ~Cindy~

I have just ordered 2 more Holiday throws to add to my Christmas decorations, Adoration of the Magi, and a Simple Tree. I make a stand with plywood and clip the throws to them, and shine a flood light on them. They are a beautiful and different. I am sending you some pictures of them from last year feel free to post the pictures on your web site. I can not wait to display the new ones this year. Thanks again and God bless, Mark Irwin Statesboro, Ga

Posted On 10/15/2012

Shop Savings ~ Save Time

Did you know that we've got you covered here at Cindy's Throws?

Did you know that there is NO sales tax in the state of Montana?

Did you know that you save on shipping costs when ordering multiple throws?

Did you know that you can have any throw personalized?

Did you know that Cindy's Throws has over 4,800 designs to choose from and continues to add more?

Did you know that you can have your gift shipped directly to a friend, loved one or family member with a gift card?

Did you know that Cindy's Throws is your one stop shop where you can save time and money?

Posted On 10/10/2012

Personal Note From Cindy

Psalm 28:7 The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving. I have ALWAYS wanted to do this. I'm 55, in my Golden Years, my heart leaps for JOY and I will give Him Praise.

Posted On 10/04/2012


Cindy's Throws received this Testimony today and I wanted to share it with you. It not only blessed us, but it also blessed the weaver that carries this design. When we work together as a team in Christ Jesus, EVERYONE gets Blessed. Words are very powerful; they can either build us up or tear us down. It's a choice, so let's choose to build others up with words of encouragement. Be Blessed!  1 Thessalonians 5:11 

I am so impressed with the speedy delivery of the throw I ordered on Monday! It was such a pleasure to order from you. It was ordered for a friend, Cindy, whose brother just recently passed away after an extended illness. Cindy is part of the Children's Ministry Team in our church & this throw is a memorial from the Team. I was so blessed to discover that your business started as an answer to prayer & the sharing of a favorite scripture, Phil. 4:13. That made ordering from you so much more special. I love it when God is a part of little details (I like to call them "God-cidences") & I am always delighted when He does something so special like this. SONshine Blessings for your life & business! Karen

Posted On 08/23/2012

August 2012 Time is like a vapor.. It's been 2 years since I have made a post.. WoW

I'm not sure if any even looks at Cindy's Throws Blog ??  Business and Life is Good. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you, we appreciate your business. We love to hear from you, please email us  so we can post it on our testimony page.  Even though the economy is weak, Cindy's Throws is Strong, God continues to bless the business. It all belongs to HIM. It is a gift from above.  Unfortunately shipping has gone up, with UPS and USPS with the raising gas prices, and the price of cotton to weave the throws, but here at Cindy's Throws we continue to maintain competitive pricing. We do our best, and know that you are buying the best quality of cotton throws made in the United States of America! That in itself is priceless. We need to remember: It is “In God We Trust” that our country was founded. Philippians 4:13


Posted On 08/21/2012

Shop Savings ~ Save Time

As Christmas approaches, we would like to let you know what are some of the advantages shopping at Cindy's Throws.  Did you know that there is NO sales tax in the state of Montana?  Did you know that you save on shipping costs when ordering multiple throws?  Did you know that you can have any throw or wall hanging personalized?  Did you know that Cindy's Throws has over 4,700 designs to choose from and continues to add new ones?   Did you know that you can have your gifts shipped directly to a friend, loved one or family member with a gift card?   Cindy's Throws has you covered, a business that saves you time and money. 

Posted On 10/12/2010

Top Seller for the Month of January

Faith Family Friends Tapestry Throw was the top seller for the month of January. Warm Treasures "Faith, Family, Friends" is the sentiment expressed upon this boldly designed throw.

Posted On 02/23/2010

Personal Note From Cindy

Cindy's 2010 New Year's Resolution!  Building Cindy's Throws one customer at a time!  How you ask?  By providing excellent service and the best quality of cotton throws made in the USA.  Acknowledging the customer and listening.  Understanding their needs, and meeting them in a timely manner.  Communicating clearly and answering all their questions.  Here at Cindy's Throws we care and value our customers.  They are Cindy's fans and we would like to make Cindy's Throws your fan!  May The Lord bless you and His peace be with you.

Posted On 02/23/2010

Top Seller for the Month of December

A Gift to Remember New Home Tapestry Throw with personalization was the top seller for the month of December. Throw reads: "May happiness be at your front door. May it knock early, stay late, and leave the gift of good fortune."

Posted On 01/22/2010

Top Seller Word Pillow for the Month of Decemer

I Smile Because... Word Pillow that says: "I smile because you're my sister. I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it."

Posted On 01/22/2010

Top Seller for the Year 2009

I Am throw blanket with the different names of God was the top seller for the year 2009. Throughout the Bible, God has been called by many names; this throw not only has the names but also the meaning of the names!

Posted On 01/22/2010

First Testimony of the Year 2010

Hi Cindy's Throws - I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the throw I got from you which was way more beautiful than I was able to tell from ordering it online. And your service was speedy and efficient. Please feel free to use my testimonial. Thanks, Cari

Posted On 01/22/2010

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