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Established 1991 - A Montana Based Company - 100% Cotton Throw Blankets - Machine Wash/Dry - Made in U.S.A.

Artist Charles Wysocki Designs

Popular and wonderful designs by the famous artist © Charles Wysocki. Our nation's foremost Americana artist is loved by all; he is able to capture the true American Spirit in his imagery. His attention to detail combined with his outstanding choice of subject matter makes him a favorite. These tapestry throw blankets prove of his great attention to detail in these beautiful woven afghan designs. Charles Wysocki designer throws, decorative tapestries, afghans and cover lets are 100% cotton made in the USA. Throw blankets are machine washable and tumble dry. For the Wysocki collector a throw/s would make a unique gift. 

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Whistle Stop Christmas Tapestry Throw

Item No: 7106-T

Type: Tapestry Throw

Size: 70" X 53"

Price: $58.00

This item is out of stock. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Whistle Stop Christmas blanket by © Charles Wysocki Christmas festivity at the train station. Wysocki designer throws, throw blankets, coverlets, and decorative tapestries are 100% cotton made in the USA. Afghans with trains are washable.
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