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Testimonies are fun to read! I Love Cindy's Throws Customers!

2016 Testimonials

Thank you for your prompt reply.  You are sucha nice company.:-)  Unfortunately I have dealt with some who aren't.  Thanks for the return info. Have a wonderful New Year in 2017.

Thank you so much very excited to receive it.

That's great!  I appreciate your offering to do this for us!

Oh my!! Thank you so so much!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

Cindy, "Hoorays"  are much in order & well deserved!  You run a wonderful business, with wonderful products and your customer service gives personal attention to the person behind the order, we are not just an order # to you. Happy Holidays to you & your family!

Thank you Cindy, I am excited to get the throws.  This is the "year of the throw" from Grandma.  I hope they like them.

Hi Again Cindy! As promised, I got a pic of the All Burned Out Tapestry Throw after we got it hung up! So Awesome!! Attached is the pic I took of it hanging in place!
Really Looks nice there!! Gives the room a warm feel right away!! Kindest Regards!

Dear Cindy my throws came in the mail THEY are wonderful Thank you

Cindy, Since the throw I purchased is so beautiful, I am buying another for my mom for Christmas.Thanks!

Hi Cindy! I Just wanted to inform you the item I ordered arrive today, in great shape. Haven’t taken it out of the plastic bag yet to inspect it. From what I see it looks to be in awesome shape! I can’t wait to hang it up to replace the Wolf Throw I’m taking down after 15+ yrs. Time for a change, and this one is so appropriate, as I lost Both of my little furball buddies last year. They were both 18+ yrs in age. So this is a perfectly fitting throw!! I’ve been under the weather, so I will wait til I am feeling 100% to hang this! Being as I have an email address, I will snap a pic and send it to you so you can see the end result! I’m so excited!! J Take Care and have a Very Happy Thanksgiving! Kindest Regards! Mr. Paul

Cindy, I received the throw -- it is BEAUTIFUL!!!   I am sure my friend will love it. Lynne 

Dear Cindy, Received order and am delighted.  How appropriate that I would receive on Veterans Day. Thank you for your assistance in getting the right item. John 

Hi Cindy, I just ordered another throw from you and if the place for the personalizing wont work please change it to the top right. Thank you, June Quarbo PS: After all these years of ordering from you and sending others to order from you also, I'm almost done I think. I have 2  more grand kids to get throws for. But I'm sure I will find someone else to order for. lol Thank you for such perfect throws. I've never been disappointed and neither have the ones I've ordered for.

Thank you I am very impressed. I just love your throws. This is my fourth one. Thanks again Agatha. 

Cindy and Husband, Thanks so much for getting the wedding prayer blanket personalized and shipped ahead of schedule. I know you told me because I ordered it so late that it would not arrive until after my son’s wedding day (October 15) . However, I told you to go ahead any way since this is my 4th or 5th personalized blanket throw that I have ordered from you over the years and you have always done such a great job on all my orders.  Much to my surprise when I recently received it early. I am so happy that I am able to get it to my son and his new wife on the day of the wedding. I am so grateful that you and your husband did a super rush job for me. Your customer care is outstanding! I will always be your customer. Thank you again so much! Sincerely, Patrick Bailey

Thank you Cindi, I received my lovely throw today.

Thank you for automatically saving me money when you could have ignored it.  That makes me want to do more business with a fine company like yours. Thanks again, Mike 

Hello Cindy, I got the second poncho today. Thanks! ~Jessica

Hi, The AOII throw was a huge success with Courtney; she absolutely loves it. Thank you very much.? Betty

Thank you!! MADE IN USA.... IS NUMBER ONE!! Blessings, Kimi

Love what you have of wildlife!! Where are you in Montana?? We live North of Yaak!

Cindy I received your package late this afternoon!  Thank you!

I just want to say that I am in love with this throw! My boyfriend is going to go crazy over it. The quality of both the product and your company left me very pleased. Thank you again for doing such a beautiful job. It's exactly what I had pictured! 

Cindy, Thank you so much for all you did to make this gift happen.  It arrived this morning!  Both the throw and the wall hanging are beautiful!  Thank your weavers as well.  We really appreciate the extra effort you put in and will definitely use your company again! Becky and family.

You guys are so amazing. Thank you so much. I appreciate the accommodation and quick fix to the problem. I can't wait to see it!!! 

Awesome, thank you so much!! Donna

Hello Cindy. The beautiful Coast Splendor throw arrived today.ÿ Thank you for your interest in the order problem.ÿ I will be visiting your site again for the holidays. Blessings, Charmaine Ellisÿ

I have had a blanket like this my whole life and this is going to be for my first niece! She has been born today!

Cindy, Yes, I received all the throws I ordered and they are all very beautiful.  Gosh, that's awfully big of you to gift me the throw I didn't order, but I don't mind sending it back & was just today going to let you know I haven't received anything that looked like a call tag or return label.  For that matter, you can charge me for it, I had considered keeping it, it touched my heart, since my Mom has long since passed away.  A fitting memorial day conclusion.  You have a great week too, With Gratitude, for numerous reasons, Kathy

I have ordered several custom blankets from you and they have been loved by all!  You are my "go to" for personalized gifts!  Many thanks, Pam

Hi Cindy, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  I really appreciate your assistance. Sorry for my delay, work and school have been crazy this week. I would like to call and place the order tomorrow.  What would be a good time?  Thanks again, Raquel

You are an amazing person! I could hug you right now im so excited! Haha

Ur awesome! Thank u

Hello Cindy, I just happened to find your website…I love throws and have not been able to find a store in which to buy them. I used Zulily over Christmas to order some for my family…I am so glad to find you…I am from clover sc and work in Pineville nc so the part of your story about your mom being in NC caught my eye…your favorite Bible verse is mine, too…we can do anything thru the Lord (para phrased)..I look forward to browsing your site often and am very happy to find yall…thanks so much…..clem stalcup, clover sc

Hi Cindy, Thank you so much. I can't believe you actually remember it- that is sweet enough. If you are ever to come across anyone with one, or knows how to make one, I would love to know. It's almost a running joke as to how it'll be with us until we're all in the ground. It sounds so silly, but it's just one of those funny sentimental things. I thank you for your time and help! I hope you have a wonderful week. Best, Sarah Rienzi

Thank you so much for your kind assistance. Thanks for assisting in picking out the colors, fonts, and position. Regards, Dawn

We received it!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Robyn

Thank you for offering awesome products! I love them! This is my 11th throw to purchase, I love giving them as gifts. I will not stop until everyone I love has one of your throws! Have a blessed day! Julie Kirk

Thank you very much Cindy…God Bless! Have an awesome day! Anita

Cindy, Thank you so much for the up-date! Thank you again, so much for he up-date!! I really appreciate it and am looking forward to our new cozy throws!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! ………Cheers………….Carrie

Thank you for the updates! Best, Gianna

Thanks you very much Cindy! God Bless! And thanks for your creations….they are beautiful and a blessing….

2015 Testimonials

Received my order yesterday love them thank you so much!! Laura

Dear Cindy, I received the throw Friday. It came absolutely beautiful. I had my pastor over for dinner today and gave it to him. He was very touched and could stop telling us how beautiful it was. He just loved it. I can't begin to thank you enough and express what it means to me how you helped me out. Thanks again. Have a very Merry Christmas, Fran

Cindy, thank you for your diligence and hard work on our orders - much appreciated! Happy Holidays - Al and Lois

Dear Cindy: Thank you ever so much. I can't even begin to express my appreciation. May God bless you as you have blessed others.

Hi there, Just want to let you know that the rugs arrived in Australia today. Fantastic service and I love them. They are going to be beautiful gifts this Christmas. Thanks so much. Gail

Thanks again! Cant wait to see them :)

Cindy, We received the correct throw yesterday afternoon. Thank you very much for your prompt correction of the order. Thank you also very much for the other throw. Have a great holiday, Wes

Hi Cindy, Thank you so much for your prompt response. Your news is a relief! A joyous holiday to you and yours, as well. Diane

Hi Cindy, I just wanted to let you know that I just received the throws. Thank you to you and your weaver for making this happen! I know my relatives overseas are going to love the throws. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. Daisy

Awesome Cindy!! I appreciate your help. Love the first throw. Looking forward to seeing the other one:)) God Bless you all. And you have a very Merry CHRISTmas as well!

Good morning Cindy, I received your telephone message and the tracking # for my order. Thank you so very much for seeing this order through and for all your help! Also, please extend my thanks to the weaver for expediting the order. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Daisy

Dear Cindy and Candy, The throw I ordered for Kurt came yesterday and it is wonderful. all I had hoped it might be. And, Candy, the words in the corner came out just right and I think, actually, that they are my favorite part of the scene. Now I just need to exercise considerable restraint and keep it held back until Christmas! Thank you, both, again. Blessings to you, Ann

Thank You Cindy. It was a pleasure speaking with you today.

Thank you Cindy! I am very excited and glad that you are able to complete this for me! Thanks again! Samantha

The tapestry turned out great! Thanks so much!

Cindy: Just wanted to let you know the throw has arrived and it is perfect. I am giving it to my sister today and I know she will love it. Thanks so much! Eileen

Cindy~ I got the houndstooth throws yesterday...and love them! Thanx Amy

Cindy; Thank you for the prompt order. My wife was very happy. Mike
Looking forward to working with you again in the future!

I received your call and appreciate you canceling the order and replacing the order without the personalization. Thank you also for the suggestion for personalizing locally. I look forward to receiving the throws. You were most helpful. Joanne

Ok, Cindy! We look forward to receiving the throws! Thanks for all you do!

Hi Cindy, Thank u for all your hard work. I did notice on my bill I was not charged any tax. Just wanted to make sure I get charged enough. I know u have worked really hard on this. 86.00 is such a great price, but it hardly seems enough. I just wanted to make sure u get all ur money. Thank u so much. God bless Emily

To Cindy's Throws: I ordered a throw, along with a personalized message, for my aunt's 80th birthday. Although it took a while to reach her in the Canadian Maritimes (mail from the States is always slower getting to its destination there!), she was so excited to receive it. It was a complete surprise for her, and her response by phone to me was filled with emotion at such a lovely gift. She was impressed by its quality. She is vacillating between hanging it on the wall, or using it to wrap herself. Either way it was a BIG hit! Thank you! Sheila

Thank you so much for your reply and great suggestion! --Nancy

Awesome! thank you!

Your guidance by phone made my purchase much easier. Thanks for your time.

Thanks Cindy! I just made the order online. :)

Dear Cindy, Just a note of thanks for a lovely product!  It is a beautiful throw. You did a splendid job on the embroidery.  I will keep your company in mind for future "special occasion" gifts. Sincerely, Kathy Fisher

Thank you so much Cindy I'm sure it's very beautiful.

Thank you, really looking forward to them arriving. They will be fantastic Christmas presents for my Sisters.

 I received my I AM throw yesterday and I love it.

Cindy, The throw arrived yesterday afternoon.  I am very pleased with the throw and the embroidery (tell your husband).  The throw is beautiful.   Thank you so much for the speedy job. Take care, Fran

Bless you Cindy and thanks again for everything! You're a wonderful person and I'm grateful to have had the pleasure of speaking with you. Please pass along my gratitude to the weaver for continuing to make this throw. Warm Regards, Ron Nabors

Perfect, thank you Cindy. Barb

Thank you truly Cindy.  This is a Huge help. Enjoy your weekend. Janine

 I AM Blanket: I have a rare disorder G6pd deficiency. Having this disorder limits my use of many common used medications, including anesthesia. When I am scheduled for medical procedures or admissions to the hospital I take my "I am blanket". When I laid this blanket on myself during an EGG procedure where they put a scope through my mouth into my n abdomen. The physician was apprehensive at first to perform the procedure because all of his previous patients were given sedatives to sleep. He knew my challenge with anesthesia so he proceeded. As I lay there I did not flinch or move. It was as if the Lord had temporarily immobilized me. I swallowed and followed there instructions. As they removed the scope from my mouth I began to speak in tongues. This blanket has been a true testament of the names of God who is our Healer, Provider, Shepherd, Righteous as well as other attributes of Him. I purchase this blanket anoint it with oil and give it to those the Lord bestows on my heart. It is not the blanket of itself but our believe and faith in the Lord to do and be all that he said He is. I recently blessed a friend with the blanket. After anointing it with oil wrapping it around her and praying we saw the power of the Lord fall upon her and her life will forever be changed. ~ Rhonda

Cindy, I am truly Blessed with All the Beautiful Throws which I have purchased through Cindys Throws!! For Such a Time as This, they are displayed not only with love, they reflect the love that God has for EVERYONE and a real witness of that love. I am VERY EXCITED about my recent purchase of your Best-Selling Throw: "I AM". The Names of God, for it is a reminder as we walk in this present world ALL that HE IS ---- The Great I AM.The quality of these Throws are top of the line. Your Slogan: "We have you covered" is totally RIGHT ON! I have my walls COVERED with your beautifully designed Throws. They Inspire & Encourage every person who sees them, myself included. I Love the personal touch of adding someone's name or inspiring thought! They make such WONDERFUL Gifts and the recipients are extremely happy with their Throw. God's favor and blessing to you and to Cindys Throws for your much needed inspiring products for such a time as this..I look forward to placing future orders with you, for you always offer such Joy and God's Love each and every time. I highly recommend your site to ANYONE! Blessings to you Cindy!! --- Jan

How wonderful to have a God who cares about each one of us: a God who is the "I am Who I AM: Unchangeable, self existing, irrespective of changes that occur in the universe. And He is our Savior! John

I purchased the I Am throw for my family room where I leave it out all the time and it reminds me of all the names of God and that He has all things for us. I love it. It is my favorite throw as it also remind me He always has me covered. ~ Andrea

Hi Cindy, As a Christian, I cherish the names of God and also do my Christian friends and family so I bought the throw as a gift to share and I used one myself. I actually use it to sleep in or wrap myself in while I am sitting and working if I get a bit chilled. I usually position it so that I can see one of my favorite names and focus on that while I am going to sleep like Jehovah-Shalom==God my Peace. Thanks, Christina

Hi Cindy, I first noticed my pastor had a prayer blanket with the names of God written on it. I searched for something similar to what he had to assist in my prayer life. So far, I have purchased 4 in total. The first purchase was for my wife as a Christmas gift. She would rise early in the morning for prayer and I purchased it to keep her warm as she prayed. I purchased another for my mother as a Christmas gift after her stroke. I wrap her in the blanket and we would pray together for her healing. God is working. The other two were gifts for my Godmother and another for my wife who has hung it up on the wall. Everyone I show these throws to love them. God Bless You Cindy for providing such a wonderful product. Regards, Ted

Its a great names of God blanket that we display on back of couch and convenient to use as a cover if its chilly. Also bouggt a 2nd one for a gift. Love the cotton material! ~Lucille~

Cindy,  I was so pleased with the throw that I received for my retirement several years ago, that I searched to find out where it was ordered and ordered the same one for someone else years later. She loved it so much so, I thought I'd order another throw of a different type for a retirement party for the 23rd of this month. I hope it'll make it in time. Thank you Cindy for having such a good resource to go to. I've looked over the website some time ago but need to go back to see what else is available. Rose

Had no problems ordering. Your site is nice, easy to use and easy to understand. Found your site in a Google search for western throws. I needed one that was cotton so it wouldn't be hot behind my husband's head. Looking forward to receiving it, but don't need it until August 25th for a birthday present.                           Thank you, Pat Readel

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I’ll send this picture to my daughter and see if she likes it. It is very similar to the other one. I’ll get back to you soon if it’s a yes. Best Regards, Jeanne Moore

Thanks so much for helping me find this throw, Cindy! Though it won't be the EXACT same as the Cosmos throw, hopefully it will become a new family staple! Zoe

Hi Cindy, Oh, I’m so happy that the throw is on its way! Thanks again for all of your help on this project; I’ll be sure to turn to you next time I’m in the market for a beautiful throwJ. God bless you and yours. Ellen

Perfect.  Thank you!! These will be given as graduation gifts to my senior students.  Hope to do more business with you in the future! Have a great weekend. Jeanne Plotts Piano and Voice Studio, LLC

Dear Cindy, Oh!  I am so excited!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm sure that our friends will be amazed with this beautiful work of art :)God bless and prosper you for what you have done. Ellen

Hi Cindy~this is Cindy in California. I finally got to open the Beautiful Throw! OMGosh it is Gorgeous and Mark did an outstanding job with the embroidery!!!!!!! Kimberly is going to Love It~I took a couple of pictures to send to out of town my family. Thank You So Much!! I will be ordering more~ Love ya~Friends Forever

Hello: I just placed an order for the first time through your website and I was very pleased with how smooth it went considering I had not registered. I tried ordering from a couple other websites but I was redirected, couldn’t get past a password etc. So I was delighted with your level of efficiency. I know you said allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, but I am hoping and praying that it WILL arrive in time for my grandson’s graduation on June 5th. God bless and thank you! Lorna LaGrange

I recieved my throw today. Absolutely love it. I am so happy that I was able to get in time for the retirement party. Thanks so much for all your help! Andrea
Thank you. We got the throw today. It is beautiful.
Thanks Cindy! The throws are beautifully inscribed as usual. I received them today and am anxious to bless the recipients. I will be ordering again soon. God bless you, your ministry and your family.
I just want to tell you that this Golden Retriever Throw is georgeous, I am thrilled with it! I will be looking for another one soon. Even my golden retriever loves it. It is actually prettier then the picture.

Hi Cindy, Thanks so much for your quick reply and also for being kind enough to do the personalization so quickly that it can be shipped tomorrow. I really appreciate your fantastic customer service! Have a Great Day! Sharon

Cindy, Once again I want to thank you for the quality products you provide. Our clients love receiving these beautiful throws! Rita Leslie

I  just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the throws I purchased. The Fancy Diamonds throw is beautifully made in the USA and and I love the fabric weight. The 2 Pine Cone throws are the perfect color for my living room and I received everything right away. I purchased 2 other throws from you about 12 years ago and was so glad that I could find your web site again!
Hi Cindy, Thanks so much for taking the time to contact me this morning even though you are out of the office.
Cindy thank you so much for getting this throw out today. May the Lord bless you abundantly. You have become my forever friend. ~Geri

Hi Cindy! Could I please replace this with the Crochet Natural  20123? Thanks for calling me today also!  I am impressed!   That’s just great customer service for a little bitty order!  I didn’t know there was a real “Cindy”! Thanks again! Cheryl Moyer

Hi Miss Cindy! The throw was delivered today and I absolutely love it. I just know that Tim and Heidi will love it too. Perfect, perfect. I am going to have one made of my three dachshunds sometime later in the year. Hope you are doing well and staying warm. Thank you again for the great customer service and will talk to you very soon. With precious friendship, Cheryl

Thank you so much for everything. Answering all my emails, questions, and dealing with my crazy. Greatly appreciated! :):) I will be doing business with you again! I cannot wait till Adam receives it and takes a picture!!!!! Have a wonderful day!

Thank you so much Cindy your customer service has been wonderful.

Thank you so much that was the perfect gift for my best friends promotion which takes effect sometime before March 24th so should be perfect timing. I was very happy to find your website beautiful things. Kindness Regards, Peace

Thanks again for all your help. All the best, Tracey

Hi Cindy, The throw arrived on Wednesday, in spite of another storm. It is lovely and will be enjoyed by the recipient, I am sure. Thank you for you kind attention to making sure this order arrived. Blessings, Janet Can you believe we are getting MORE snow over the weekend?? Crazy!

Hi Cindy, Thanks so much for your thoughtful service

Thanks for the quick refund. My wife and I will return to your website to look for other items. We like the fact that most of your items are cotton and machine washable. Regards, Andy

Got it on Friday the 30th. My wife was in tears with the beauty of it and the words. Thank you soooooooo much for such a beautiful throw and the blessing on you invoice. May a God bless you also!!!!!!

Hi Cindy, Thank you for your quick response. Looking forward to our throw. Elizabeth

Good Morning Cindy, Yes, I have received it & it's perfect. You've been a pleasure to do business with & I hope you have a wonderful(&short!) winter. Take care :)

Hi Cindy, Thank you for the notification. I also appreciate your suggestion of white thread color. That will be fine with me. Looking forward to the blanket and thanks for shipping it with Priority Mail, Johanna

Thank you so much Cindy. Have a blessed day!!

The throw arrived today. It is beautiful, just like the two previous ones I purchased. Thanks so much, Mary

By the way, my friends who just got married loved the throw we bought from you and gave to them. Thank you so much! Susan

Hello Cindy, We received the throw today and are thrilled! It is so beautiful! Thank you so much for helping us out. This is a gift we are hoping to give to a preacher friend and his wife as they are moving from our area. Sincerely, Ronnie and Melody

I’m looking forward to it....thank you so much.

Wonderful Cindy! Thank you for the update!

Hi Cindy, Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Just FYI, everyone who received their throws are thrilled with them. The workmanship is excellent! I might have to get a few for myself! I'll look for this last one next week. Thanks again! Rita

A gift card would be amazing Thank you so much for the quick response and I'm so excited for them to receive it!

Yes they are thank you! I buy from you because you are faith based and made in America God bless!!!!

2014 Testimonials

Arrived Christmas Eve. THANK YOU. Beautiful and wonderful quality.

Cindy, Just received the throw I ordered for our neighbor ("A Good Neighbor..."). It is more beautiful than the website picture and the website picture is pretty good! The colors are very deep and rich-looking and the detail is excellent. Can't wait to give it to our wonderful neighbors; I know they will love it. So happy I found your website. Thank you so much! Virginia Emmons Mount Joy, PA

Merry Christmas to you Cindy! As always, the throws are beautiful, thank you ! I thought I had ordered personalization on the one throw. Thank you, Anita

Good morning. The throw came, I gave it to my friend yesterday and she loves it. Bless you for making such quality things. Merry Christmas Patti

Cindy, We received the shipment !!! Nice throws and we are very pleased with your effort to get these to us. Thanks again

Hello Cindy, Thank you for letting me know. These throws are all for my own redecorating so there isn't any hurry. Shipping them all together is fine. Thank you again, Diane

Hi Cindy, Thank you so much! I'll look them up. I hope to do business with you again in the coming years. Merry Christmas to you and yours and all good things in the New Year. Linda

Thanks so much Cindy! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! Mona

Excellent !!!! we appreciate the communication, and your effort to get the products to us. We will have more to say when we receive the throws. Leroy

Thank you Cindy, I will order the Greek throw in the New Year. I appreciate you accommodating my order changes. Happy Holidays!

Thank you for delivering all three of my blankets well before Christmas. They all came out perfect. Happy holidays.

 Keep on doing the wonderful job that you always do! Bless you and yours, and Merry Christmas!

Perfect. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you as well.

 Thank you. I have the crab pillow and the seahorse. I luv mine. These r for Christmas gifts. I know they will enjoy. Thanx

 Dear Cindy, The new throw I ordered was beautiful and as always your customer service is first class. I am attaching a photo of this throw I have added to my Christmas display. Thanks again. Sincerely Mark, Statesboro, Ga.

 Thank you for following up so quickly on my question. My package arrived on Friday, and I'm looking forward to giving it as a gift.

Dear Cindy,  The new throw I ordered was beautiful and as always your customer service is first class. I am attaching a photo of this throw I have added to my Christmas display. Thanks again. Sincerely Mark, Statesboro, Ga.

Thank you for shipping my order so quickly!

Cindy, Thank you very much. Your service and the weaver’s talent under such a strict deadline was truly admirable. We will keep your website on hand if we should need anything else in the future. Our sincere thanks to you and the weaver, Bridget

Dear Cindy, I just wanted to thank you and your husband for doing such a great job with the throw I bought from you and for the speedy delivery. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get some more business as a result. I will certainly be back! Thank you and you can rest assure your throw will be somewhere in The Netherlands soon and will be much loved. Best Wishes, Susan (UK)

Thank you for following up so quickly on my question. My package arrived on Friday, and I'm looking forward to giving it as a gift.

Thanks Cindy. I appreciate it.

Hey Cindy, Mark just received his Throw by UPS at about 3:40 pm est. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery. Jeannie

Hello, I just wanted to say "thank you" for the beautiful Christmas throws. They are excellent quality and your service very prompt. I look forward to doing business with you again. Kind regards, Jim

Thank you, Cindy! My daughter loved her new throw!!

Thank you excited about getting them...

Dear Cindy, My order arrived today, and the holiday throws are superb! My thanks again for your service and products. Sincerely, Mike Dremel

Hi, Just to say that the throw has arrived today.  It is as lovely as I thought it would be. With many thanks, Kind regards, Eve.

Do we always get it right at Cindy's Throws, unfortunately we do not. Here is a testimony of Grace when we didn't get it right but made it right:  Cindy’s Throws Thank you for sending the correct one so quickly. Your response has been wonderful and I will be ordering from you again. Sincerely, Jocelyn

Thank you, Cindy. I sure hope she enjoys hers as much as I enjoy mine. Rose

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I appreciate it.

Hi Cindy, Thank you Very much! :-) I have heard nothing but great things about your throws :-)

Thank you so much for your kind and exemplary service. It was a pleasure to talk with you the other day. You and your husband do an awesome job, especially with customer satisfaction, and I will be sure to mention you to my friends. Wishing you and your family and safe and blessed Labor Day weekend. Blessings, Warren

Thank you, you have been wonderful and I have your site bookmarked for the future. Vicki

Just wanted to say thank you for making it easy for me to order stuff through your website - you are very personable and likable on the phone!

Thank you for your prompt response. I will present this information to the committee.

Look forward to receiving another one of your beautiful throws Many thanks, kind regards, Eve.

Thanks Cindy for your prompt reply enabling me to correct my error. I have completed my order on line just now. My sister lives in Scotland and I am in Hertfordshire many miles apart and I haven't seen her for 20 years. She has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and I am sending her your throw with my love so she knows how much I care about her. Your site is amazing and when funds permit I shall definitely be ordering again. God bless. Janice

Hi, I received my throws today and I m very happy , the Virgin Mary through is stunning and it is just how I pictured it , I ordered the ( lost no more ) tapestry as a present for my mum and I m sure she ll love it . Don t be surprised if I ordered more in the future, I just moved to a bigger house and we have plenty of walls that needs God blessing . Thank you, Fiby.

Good evening!!!!! I just placed another order! :0). Please use whatever color thread for the personalizations you think looks best and matches best. Thank you so much!!!! Suzanna Pratt

Thank you very much, Cindy. I appreciate you honoring what I saw online. When making an online purchase, I often wonder about the quality of the product, and the company. With the customer service and personal touch you've already shown, it's clear your business is important to you. I'm looking forward to receiving the Chicago blanket. Again, thank you. Stacey Burns

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I appreciate it.

Hi I received my throws today and I’m very happy, the Virgin Mary throw is stunning and it is just how I pictured it , I ordered the ( lost no more ) tapestry as a present for my mum and I’m sure she ll love it.  Don t be surprised if I ordered more in the future, I just moved to a bigger house and we have plenty of walls that needs God blessing . Thank you .  Fiby in Australia

Good evening!!!!! I just placed another order! :0). Please use whatever color thread for the personalizations you think looks best and matches best. Thank you so much!!!! Suzanna Pratt

Hi Cindy, Thank you Very much! :-) I have heard nothing but great things about your throws :-) Rose

Awesome. Thank you. I will spread the word about your site - lots of Irish folk in Quincy, Mass! Guy

Hi Cindy, Thank you Very much! :-) I have heard nothing but great things about your throws :-)  Rose

Hi Cindy, Thank you so much for your kind and exemplary service.  It was a pleasure to talk with you the other day.  You and your husband do an awesome job, especially with customer satisfaction, and I will be sure to mention you to my friends. Wishing you and your family and safe and blessed Labor Day weekend. Blessings, Warren

Thank you, you have been wonderful and I have your site bookmarked for the future. Vicki

Cindy, hope your daughter did well with her riding. Just wanted to say thank you for making it easy for me to order stuff through your website - you are very personable and likable on the phone! Cheers - az

Thanks. Appreciate the response!

Cindy, thank you so much!  I apologize for the trouble.  Have a great day!  I apologize for the trouble.  Have a great day! Sherri

Hi Cindy, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

Thanks girl!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much. I sent this same blanket last week for another employee . She told me it was beautiful. Thanks Again, Jody

Cindy, Thank you very much.  I was just contacted about the delivery.  A staff member in our receiving dept is bringing the package to me within the next half hour.  Your service and the weaver’s talent under such a strict deadline was truly admirable.  We will keep your website on hand if we should need anything else in the future. Our sincere thanks to you and the weaver.

Hello to all! It looks beautiful with the purple border. It's a go from me and my husband.

Cindy, Thank you for working miracles for us.  The package has arrived in San Antonio at a local FEDEX and now we are just waiting for the delivery here at work. We truly appreciated your kindness and warmest support for getting us the throw for the funeral service this Saturday.  The florist will be picking it up this evening. Thanks again for your outstanding customer service.  You were a blessing to all of the girls in our dept. and we know our manager, Laura will absolutely love it for her memories of her husband. Bridget

Hi Cindy, Just thought I would let you know Kristi received her comfort throw and just loved it J.  Thanks for helping to reach out to others when most needed! Bonnie


Thank you so much! The package is due to arrive in Atlanta on Wednesday. I will take a look at it to make sure the embroidery is OK. Thank you for arranging the delivery from Virginia.

Thank YOU Cindy.  It was a pleasure working with you. May God’s grace and favor fall upon you for your kindness! Bonnie

Oh Cindy, I’m so glad on both counts.  My heart sunk, but I should have had the confidence that God would take care of them…and He did through you! Thank you..

Thank you for your response; I am still going to order it because it is so cute. Laura

Good Morning,  I found your website and love the products; my son is getting married in the fall and I am having a  bridal luncheon for the bride to be and centering it around “home”  I am going to order your “Home is where your story begins” throw but was curious if it can be made with the eco friendly yarn? Thanks you and love your website. Laura, Clearwater FL

 It was a huge success, thank you. The colonel loved the present! Jen

Yay! Thank you so much!

THANK YOU, CINDY!!!!! Have a Great Day  :-)))

Thank you so much Cindy. Grateful this was one that was shipped fast.

I got all the throws now.. thank you very much! The last 2 came today. :) Just in time! Rita McClafferty

Wow! I'm impressed! I will keep you in mind in the future. Thank you so much.

I must tell you how impressed I was with your service. The telephone call regarding the color of thread I had chosen and the insight your folks had on my choice with advice to change it was above and beyond. It came out just beautiful. I was so pleased I wanted to keep it, but the names were on there. I have already told a number of friends & family what a great company you have been. Keep up the good work. I will remember when I need a gift in the future. Thank you. Judy

Its quite beautiful have just hung it on my wall...its perfect.

We got to watch you on WGGS! You did a great job of sharing the Message of the Gospel! We loved your big smile and beautiful jacket! :-) you go, girl! The Lord is blessing you to bless others! The next interviews will go well also! In Christ, Connie and Duck

Just received it this morning – it is beautiful and will be so perfect – an expression of love and connectedness with God’s blessings! Thank you again! Despo and Tom

Dear Cindy, I just wanted to thank you and your husband for doing such a great job with the throw I bought from you and for the speedy delivery. Thank you and you can rest assure your throw will be somewhere in The Netherlands soon and will be much loved. Best wishes, Susanne (From UK)

Saw Cindy on WGGS-tv, Greenville, SC. You did a GREAT job! Bless the Lord!

Cindy, We received our teacher throws yesterday and they are beautiful. Thanks so much for working with us!   I would think this will now be an annual event for us at Albany Elementary. Joseph

This is our choice Cindy - thank-you for your adaptability!

The blanket was delivered yesterday. Thank you!

Hi Cindy, I just wanted to touch base and let you know we presented our daughter with the Graduation throw on Sunday and she loved it so much, she started to cry.  She "tweeted" all her friends about it and instagramed it and I had 3 mothers ask me where I purchased it so I sent them to your website :} Thank you again, Beth

Hi Cindy, G'day from Australia! Just to let you know I received my "Early Service Tapestry Throw" this morning. I love it! It will look great up on our lounge room wall. When we put it up I will send you a picture. Thank you so much!  Can't believe I found you on the internet and that the Throw matches the one I have that I bought all those years ago! Bless ya heaps, Sandy

Thanks so much! May the Lord be your help (Psalm 121:2). From Mary Beth

Thank you so much for handling this so quickly. I greatly appreciate it. Christina

Thanks so much Cindy. I appreciate your help. Julie

Dear Cindy,  I just wanted to thank you and your husband for doing such a great job with the throw I bought from you and for the speedy delivery. Best wishes, Susanne

Cindy, We placed another order today for throws! I just wanted to thank you again for providing us with such beautiful throws for our clients. Have a great week!

Dear Cindy, I just received my order today (two cream colored throws), and I have to say I just love them! They are much better than I pictured. I'm very happy with the quality, the color, and the size. The ordering process was a breeze, and the speed in which I received my throws was a wonderful surprise. I'm sure I'll be asked where I bought these great throws, when my friends and family see them.  I'll be referring your web site often I'm sure. Thanks again, Carol Cynthia

Just a little feedback……excellent website, easy to navigate, simple order process, and best of all… cater to Canadian customers. Thank you. Veronica Blake Ontario, Canada

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I just placed the order for item #2092. These are really nice and just what I was looking for! Thanks, Sandy

AMEN!!! You are welcome

Love the new Throws

Hi Cindy, AWESOME, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kindness, thoughtfulness and caring spirit. I truly appreciate YOU!!! BLESS YOU!!! Ros

Dear Cindy, I have just received the "throw" that I ordered from you and I must tell you that it has well exceeded my hopes and expectations!!! It is gorgeous and the absolute perfect colors of the college. Thank you, Thank you. We will more than likely be ordering another for my youngest daughter's high school graduation next year. I will also spread the word about your company to many. My husband is a soccer coach for club teams and high school teams and the parents are always looking for something different to get for the players/coaches. They will certainly know about Cindy's Throws! Sincerely, Beth Wiley

Thank you for returning my email.

Hi Cindy: I have received the throw and it is beautiful - thank you - do you have any cleaning instructions and is it dry - cleanable ? Blessings, Dave

I am so pleased with the Seaside Escape Throw - it is just so sister will be so surprised when we present this for her 60th birthday when we go to Rhode Island at her daughter's Beach House. ~Terry~

Dear Cindy, I am so grateful for your advice on the phone. I have placed the order and have made comments about spacing, size of letter and colour of letters. You are the experts so I am happy for guidance! What I forgot to say in the comments box is that the lady it is for is returning to the Netherlands at the end of March and we are presenting it to her at a farewell lunch so I would be tremendously grateful if you could get it to me before then. Many thanks and have a great weekend - keep warm! Susanne

Hi Cindy, Thank you so much for helping me with our first blanket order. It truly has been a pleasure. They were successfully delivered the other day J

Yes. You can use it for your page. Continuous blessings to you and your family.  Hi, I couldn't figure out how to post this to your website, but I just wanted to say thank you SO much for all your help. Thank you for the fast communication and for helping me to decide when to purchase so it would get there close to the date I wanted it to arrive. I sent the army throw to very NON emotional military man. It was very Well received! He was so touched with the personalization of when he enlisted and everything he said, "This is the Best present you've given me...just for the sentimental value. You set the bar for gift giving." That's EXACTLY what I was going for, so thank you and everyone that was envolved in making it possible!  -Bridget

The blanket is exactly what I was looking for! You've been very helpful as well, thank you. I do have one question though again. I went into my account today to check on the process and it shows "backordered with Weaver". Does that mean that the blanket if not available now and will have a longer wait?

Thank you for your help, Cindy. I just placed the order!! I cannot wait to see it. I had it shipped to my office address in case she is at home when it arrives. Sincerely, Beth

Cindy - received my throw today. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful service. Anita Urik


Thanks. Sad I can't order it, but I appreciate the quick response.

Thank you. I wasnt worried just checking on the status of the order. I have always been pleased with your products. Vickie

Much appreciated! Will definitely keep you in mind for future orders.

Thank you.... I knew it took 3 weeks but I thought I read an email that said it was back ordered so I just wanted to touch base an make sure it was still able to be ordered. Thank you for the response , I appreciate it.

Hi Cindy, I wanted to thank you for getting back to me. Unfortunately, I will have to pass on purchasing the blankets. The deadline is cutting it really close so I will have to do something else. Again, thank you and I know next time where I can get some great gifts to purchase. Sincerely, Selisia

Thank you very much....this is the last Aunt we have, so it is a loss we knew was coming, but we are never ready for it. Thank you for going beyond. Wonderful customer service. Diane

My order just arrived a short while ago and once again I was so blessed by the perfect timing of the arrival ~ just in time to give to my dear friend at the memorial service for her husband tomorrow! This happened once before when I placed an order with you. It has been such a blessing to do business with you. I thank God for directing me to you & I thank you for the prompt service I receive when I order a lovely throw from you. Blessings, Grace & Peace, Karen

Thanks Cindy. It worked out well for me as I hope it did for you. Happy New Year!

Thanks. Sad I can't order it, but I appreciate the quick response.

Thank you. I wasnt worried just checking on the status of the order. I have always been pleased with your products. Vickie

2013 Testimonials

I Love ALL your testimonies.. We Love to hear from YOU. They not only bless my family and me, but I believe they bless those who read them. Thank You for a GREAT 2013! ~Cindy~


Thank you so much! Julia

Thank you for your help. I had lost the tracking number. Our bank closed at noon on the 24th, but I was able to catch the UPS guy at another business before I left town. I was glad to get the package prior to Christmas. Thanks again, the recipient of the package really liked it. Sincerely, Lisa Brooks

Thanks so much...I received it yesterday! Merry Christmas! :-)  "Alicia James"

‎He is Awesome. Thank you. I will be ordering another after Christmas. This is my 3rd. First daughter took mine to college with her. Sending second off with one too after I bathe it in prayer. The next one will be mine.  Merry Christmas! Vanessa

I have received my throws. Thanks again they are beautiful. Merry Christmas

Thanks Cindy! I appreciate all you did to make this happen! Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year! Marietta

Thanks so much--I received the throw today. It is great!! I think my son will love it. Thanks again returning my email and taking care of everything. Lisa

You are sweet. MWA Julia

Thank you again! Merry Christmas!!

Cindy, The Blessed Mother with the Angels throw arrived this afternoon. It's beautiful, and I'm so grateful that it is here on time! Thanks for your help in making sure I'd have it before this weekend. May God bless you and your family with a very Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year! Angela

You are absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much! Actually, my sister (she really is wonderful) loves chickens (go figure). The quality is beautiful. Julia

TY Cindy, happy holidays J

You probably do not know me but I love your site layout, (very professional - easy to navigate)and thought I would wish you prosperity and good health for the Holiday season and beyond.

Cindy, got the throws and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The girls will love them too.

Fantastic! I look forward to receiving it. Thanks again for your excellent customer service. Merry Christmas!! dl

Thank you! Can't wait to see the Star of David. My mom will love it!

THANK YOU! She will love this!

Thank you. and thank you, as well, for your prompt attention.

One you sent me was so pretty I'm ordering 2 more for gifts for next Xmas. Made in USA great!

Received order today,I am delighted ,thank-you Barbara Baioes

Thank you so much! I look forward to receiving the throws - they look sensational.

Hello Cindy, Thank you for letting me know right away that the order would not arrive by Chsistmas. Please cancel the State/Tag part of the order. Thank you! Joanne

Thanks for your prompt reply. I love your throws! I have two that are getting a little old and are replacing one of them with the underwater throw so there is no hurry on this one. Glad you have the Christmas one available. I am looking for more underwater throws that would match the one I'm buying so I will keep checking your site for more. Maritza

Thank you Cindy ! It's for my son's wife, they live in Virginia Beach, and she loves anything ocean!!! Thanks again, Mike

Fantastic! Thank you so very much! I can't wait to see it.

fine!! i'm looking forward to my throws!!! in europe you can't get them in such a variety! greetings from vienna sonja heine

I finally had a chance to look at the new design- it's adorable, and I would like to proceed with the order! Sue

Thank you so much. I don’t know why I forgot to do that. I guess it’s an age thing (that’s what they tell me anyway). Thanks again ! ! !

Thanks so much Cindy! Heavenly hugs to you! Jane

I'm glad I left that comment! lol If you feel white will look better and pop more then i trust your judgement! :) Thanks so much for contacting me to make sure. Really appreciated! Chris

Dear Cindysthrows and team - I should like to order this throw to be sent to my daughter – Mrs Susannah Steakley , 2554, Brenton Point Drive, Reston, Va.20191. I am in the UK and she is coming over on Friday November 22 and I would like her to bring it – have I left it too late .... Please will you let me have cost and shipping and I will send you card details. Have you got time for a little story ..... my present sofa throw is nearly threadbare but I love it so much do not want to part with it – with a bit of ‘tweaking’ I can hide the shabby bits placing it over an armchair ! I knew I would not be able to replace it exactly, but have been searching for a year or so both here in the UK and elsewhere for something as near as possible but found nothing I really liked. The one I have, I bought in Athens about ten years’ ago – I was with Susannah and her American husband (they were en poste in Athens) – it was the centrepiece of a display in a shop window – I just had to have it !I do not know how I arrived at your site – but I did – obviously meant to be – to my great joy I saw my lovely throw with the gorgeous Lab heads – I could hardly believe my eyes ! I do hope you have it in stock and that it is not too late to get it to Virginia before they leave on the 22nd.I have always had Labs – always yellows and always two. We adopted a black five years’ ago and now also have a chocolate – game, set and match !! Best wishes - Barbara

Got it - thanks again for trying so hard to get this shipped ASAP. I really appreciate your assistance!

Thanks Cindy, I’ve been buying your beautiful throws for my children, family members and friends, and this time, I thought I should treat myself to one for my 50th birthday. I will be on the lookout for it. Jessica

I received the throw and it looks great. Thank you for all of your help. Beverly

Thank you, it means a lot to me. My brother had a heart procedure and I’ve been wanting to send him something special. He loves lighthouses, so I surely appreciate it! He has been holding in there. God bless! Theresa

Thanks so much, Cindy, for all your help! Have a blessed day. Jane

Thank you so much! Shelly

Thank you for letting me know. We have decided to find something locally…timing is the issue. Please credit my VISA. Terry

I received my order today - sooner than I'd expected - and just wanted to say that I love both the sunflower throw and pillow. They're perfect! I will definitely order from you again. Shelia

Thanks Cindy for your help on the Your re special throw just now. I had seen a throw called the circle of friendship. Can you get that? Sandy

Thanks, I was wondering about it and was just getting ready to call you guys. Thanks again, I can’t wait. Lynda

Hi Cindy, Thanks for getting back to me. Please can you go ahead with the embroidery. I think that makes it that little bit extra special, even if he gets it after I have gone home. Thanks, Sam

Oh no, that's okay! It's just an anniversary gift. My fiancée is in music school and she's been complaining that it's getting cold in her apartment so I wanted to send her a musical blanket with her name stitched on it. I think she'll love it :)

Good morning Cindy... Once again...many thanks.

Thank you Cindy, I hope the throws sell well in Lebanon; pray for the believers there! The situation is awful there! God bless you, John

Thanks so much Cindy for your prompt reply. I am going to spread the word about your wonderful website. God is amazing...our conversation today was no coincidence. He connected us today for a reason. Sincerely, Your "Sister in Christ" Jane

Greetings, Cindy, The two beautiful tapestry pieces have arrived. We love them. The workmanship on them is superb. We have already used the photo design for our new posters for our "Back to Broadway" show. Once again, the scenery is stunning. It has been nice working with you again on another beautiful scenery piece. Thank you for all of your help and expertise. Fred Moore

Dear Friends at Cindy's, Thank you so very much for help... I love the throw... and am just sorry the green clashes ... darn!!  Sincerley, Wendy

Hi Cindy, Just wanted to let you know that I did finally receive the Spring Morning Tapestry Throw, order #45545, in the mail. Thank you for following up on this item. Sherry Vickers

I received the throw today. It is beautiful. Thanks so much.

Thank you so much Cindy! We really appreciate the great service we get from you, and again our clients love getting these throws as gifts! Sincerely, Rita Leslie

Hi Cindy, Received the Nathan Bedford Forrest and Chancellorville throw a few weeks ago. I’m very pleased with the quality , they are gorgeous. Thank you, Joe

Thank you very much! I appreciate it! Great service! kind Regards, Ashley Inman

Cindy, Just wanted to let you know I received the throw today. Thanks again for your great help. Connie Bussell

That’s fantastic Cindy; thank you so so much - Fran

Thanks so much Cindy for your prompt reply. I am going to spread the word about your wonderful website. God is amazing...our conversation today was no coincidence. He connected us today for a reason. Sincerely Your "Sister in Christ" Jane

Thank you so much Cindy!

Thank you Cindy! That looks great. I appreciate you letting me know. Can't wait to see it and blessing Reva with it. God Bless, Jenee

Hi Cindy, I just want to let you know the throw arrived today! It's PERFECT! I love it, and I'm sure the recipients will love it too. THANK YOU THANK YOU for sending it USPS Priority (instead of the UPS Ground). I REALLY appreciate it!! s Cindy, I feel you understood how anxious I was at having it in time for the wedding. Thank you again. I keep your web site in my 'favorites' and will order again should the need arise. The selection you offer seems endless! It's great doing business with you! Cindy W.

Greeting Cindy, The two beautiful tapestry pieces have arrived. We love them. The workmanship on them is superb. We have already used the photo design for our new posters for our "Back to Broadway" show. Once again, the scenery is stunning. It has been nice working with you again on another beautiful scenery piece. Thank you for all of your help and expertise. Fred Moore

Thanks for your speedy reply!

Thank you so much for the beautiful throws, they both arrived in time for the viewing, one arrived on Wednesday and one on Thursday. I appreciate your assistance in selecting the perfect throw and for the quick shipping. Thanks so much! Julie Chesney

Thank you. I received it and it is beautiful. It made our anniversary special. The blanket is on our couch for us to admire each day. Linda

Since this item is no longer available, please cancel for a full refund. You have a lot of beautiful throws, but this was my favorite. Thanks for the speedy update. Kathy

Dear Cindy,  Thank you very much. I will not need the gift card. Hope you got to enjoy the 4th of July!  Love, Stanka

Hi Cindy, Thank you for all you help in getting this throw completed, I know it will be a very nice throw and that my wife will utilize it during the cold months here in SC. I hope you and your family had a wonderful vacation and glad you are back home safe. Thanks again. Troy

Thank you very much for your prompt response. The throws are beautiful and of high quality. Jane K

Thanks. That is still good news

Dear Cindy, The throws arrived on FRIDAY and are absolutely beautiful! Thank you, thank you for being a true grace giver in response to my late request for personalized throws. May the Lord continue to bless you and your business and use you to bless others. With joy and gratitude, Lucy

I asked Cindy for an opportunity to write a testimonial because I am so grateful for her excellent customer service. I recently ordered two throws to be used as gifts. They were coming from different weavers and both arrived on time as promised. However, one of them was not what I ordered. I called immediately and Cindy checked her records to see that she had placed the order correctly. She had, so the error was an accident from the weaver. She contacted them and within 3 business days the correct order was delivered (at no cost to me) AND I was told that I could keep the throw that had been been a mistake. I was especially grateful for the timeliness of the correction since the item was intended as a gift. I suppose it may seem strange to offer a testimonial when there was a mistake involved, but I was so impressed and thankful for the kindness and efficiency with which the error was rectified. It's rare in today's world. I will definitely be ordering